The iSafe News Perth is a company, who aims at giving real life news and stories in Perth. We would like the public and every reader to know what is happening around Perth. We believe that through the iSafe News Perth or ISNP website blog, we can disseminate these stories because this is the simplest form of publication in today’s generation.

Through the ISNP blog, every citizen and the whole world will know about what we have in Perth. This is like a public service because we are not collecting fees from our valued readers and supporters. We started this website blog for publication purposes only.

We at the iSafe News Perth provides reliable and real information. We just write what exactly happened around Perth. We believe that we can serve as an eye to readers, who do not have time to watch the news because of their daily activities.

It is also through our publication, that various current and news events will be given emphasis and focus. Not everything is shared and known to public. So, please, allow us to give you news stories for you to be aware that there is something going on and happening in our simple and lovely place.