Are you an anime fanatic? If you are, then pretty sure that you know very well different series of animated cartoon series from Japan. How many manga anime series have you completed? Do you know Dragon Ball, Slam Dunk, Bleach, Naruto, Death Note, Fullmetal Alchemist, One Piece, Inuyasha and Sailor Moon? Who will not know these comic stories from Manga anyway? Pretty sure that you even have different collectible items of your favorite anime heroes. Anyway, that is normal for an anime or manga fanatic.

Do you know that these anime series from Japan had been playing for decades now? Some of these are just shown repeatedly and still cartoon lovers still watch them no matter how many times they were shown from their favorite anime television programs. That only shows that the spirit of anime runs in your blood. You have seen those cartoons in your early years and even when you grew older, you still keep on watching them. That is a real passion and there is nothing wrong with that. It is indeed amazing because you can watch cartoons with your younger siblings as well as with your kids, nephews and nieces.

Pretty Guardian Sailor Moon

Anyway, if you are from Perth and you really have a passion for manga or anime series, then you should not have missed the celebration of Sailor Moon. Do you know they are going to have a theatre musical show in Western Australia? Can you believe that this anime is celebrating their 25th anniversary? They started in 1993 and has ended in 2005. This is the reason why they are coming to different parts of the world to let every anime fanatic show that Sailor Moon is still alive. By the way, the show was held in Event Cinemas Morley at a very affordable entrance fee, which is just only $20.

Anyway, this is a musical show. This only means that the show is for all ages. In my opinion, this is a great opportunity for Sailor Moon fanatics to put on their costumes because this event in Perth is supported by Cosplay. As a Sailor Moon anime fanatic, pretty sure that you have your favorite Sailor character. It could have been better if you can dress up with your favorite heroes. This will surely be a night to remember in Western Australia.

The Pretty Guardian Sailor Moon Musical Show is performing with various artists. Hotaru Nomoto will play as Sailor Moon, Yume Takeuchi will play as Sailor Mercury, Karen Kobayashi will play as Sailor Mars, Kaede will play as Sailor Jupiter, RimoHasegawa will play as Sailor Venus, Yuuga Yamato will play as Tuxedo Mask and then, Coco Isuzu will play as Sailor Galaxia.

Can you see how lucky these fanatics from Perth because they can have the chance to witness the screening at Morley and Innaloo cinemas. That was just for a night, so if you guys missed it, then you have to find and catch them in Japan if they have not returned yet to whatever planet they came from.

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