What festivals or events do you celebrate every year? Pretty sure that you have a lot to celebrate. There are even those who celebrate relationships every month. So, I doubt it if you do not have one. Anyway, the usual celebrations we have are our birthdays. Aside from that, we have annual celebrations held every year. Most of these events are celebrated by organizations, groups, clubs, schools and various enthusiasts.

If you are coming to Perth, you would surely like to participate in different events. The past few days, they had events, such as the Night Noodle Markets and the Bike Week. How about today? Do you think we have something to celebrate in Perth? If you are not aware about what will happen in Perth today, then you should know that they have the yearly celebration of the Astrofest.

The Astrofest 2018

Do you know that one of the events that will be held in Perth today, 24th of March is the Astrofest, which has something to do with Astronomy? The Astrofest is hosted by the Astronomy WA, Earthside Astronomy, Perth Observatory and the ICRAR. If you are interested to come and join the celebration, then feel free to come to the Curtain Stadium, which is in Curtin University. The event will start around 5:30 pm and it will end at 9pm. This is a good place to visit, especially if you have not planned yet about what to do this Saturday evening.

The said event will be having an observatory. So, they will have different telescopes, such as a radio telescope as well as an optical telescope for everybody. If you love space, looking at the stars and if you appreciate the beauty of the universe at night, then this is a great opportunity for you to gaze into those stars. Remember that this event happens only once in a year. So, if I were you, I will make sure not to miss the event. Pretty sure that those who cannot come will regret for not coming because they will need to wait again till next year’s celebration.

Aside from viewing the space. There will also be learning activities as well as other engaging activities. This is a good thing for young and old, especially if they are interested in learning more about the space and astronomy.

Another thing that will surely make you feel excited is the picnic. So, before coming to the event, you better prepare your basket and fill it with a snack or dinner. There will be an open space for everybody to have a picnic. This is a great bonding time with the whole family. Isn’t it fun to have this kind of event in Perth? Pretty sure that many parents appreciate this kind of event so much.

By the way, this event is open to everybody. You may bring the whole family here without any entrance fees collected. Isn’t it great to have such free entrance fees? It could have been better if many families and friends can come to this event just to relax and enjoy the night. So, if you are coming, then we will see you all around.

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