Accidents may happen on the road and it comes when you least expect it. Is there a way to avoid car accidents on the road? Sometimes, no matter how careful we, still we can’t avoid car accidents to happen. That is why we must not do anything that will distract us from driving. We have to give our 100% attention on the road if we care about our lives and lives of other people.

Going back to the scenario

Last August 24th of 2016, Aine McGrath of Perth was accused of a case that she never really expected to happen and that is dangerous driving resulting in a car crash causing death. That night Aine was driving along Mitchell Freeway. The passenger side of Aine’s car slammed and that killed Sarah Kelly, who was a friend and a colleague of Aine at a hairdressing salon in East Victoria Park.

According to Aine, she was driving while sending text messages to the boyfriend. They have plans of going out that night so while on the road, she was exchanging text messages for about 10 minutes. She even said that the last message coming from the boyfriend was not even seen because the car crash happened.

They were in the fourth lane and during that time a car moved to the same lane coming from the fifth lane. Aine also said that she can even hear Sarah screaming with tears shouting her name. Aine tried to avoid hitting the barriers and jeep in front. So, she swerved to the left crossing four lanes and that’s when the ute crashed into the car.

How’s the case?

This case is still on trial. According to Aine, when she was still texting, her left hand is holding the phone while she was using her right hand on the steering wheel. She also said that before the accident happened, her phone is on the car’s center console.

Aine claimed that she do not really use her phone while driving because she knew that it is dangerous. But, during that night she just did. She also said that the accident happened because of the jeep, who moved at the same time. And that this car is slowly moving. Prosecutor Anthony Eyers is still cross-examining the case. We are still waiting for the trial and the judge’s final say on this case.

With this kind of accident, it is not that easy to make a judgement. But, we can clearly say that Aine McGrath was distracted by the text messages and meeting his boyfriend. If the jeep is slowly moving, why did she not make signs that she will move too, knowing that she can drive a bit faster than the slow jeep, so that the jeep can give way and let her go first?

In my own opinion, it is not her fault that Sarah died. She died because of the ute crashing the car. Aine tried to make a way not to hit another car and the barriers. It means that she does not want such accident to happen to her and Sarah. 

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