There are a lot of beautiful spots in Perth that you would surely want to visit on your weekend getaway. Weekdays are for your working days, so why not give yourself time to relax on weekends? This is actually a great way to spend quality time with your family, friends and loved ones.

If you are just living and working in Perth, then you do not need to go out of the country just to have fun. All you need to do is to choose a place and think about what activities you would like to do on the weekend. If you would like to have swimming, then go to the nearest beach. If you would like to have a camping with bonfire, experience fresh air and fishing, then better go to the countryside, where you can find mountains, hills and lakes. What if you would like to go to a quiet place to find peace of mind, then you must choose monasteries. Aside from that, you may also relax on cruise ships.

There is actually a lot of places to visit around Perth. You can always get a bus, train, ship, boat or drive your own automobiles. So, if you are interested to have a good time this weekend, then you better check out our suggestions.


Swimming and Kayaking are great ways to spend time with the young and old. This is also a good spot for those who would like to go fishing. So, if this is your plan, then you may go to the Guilderton or Moore River. It will just take you an hour drive from the city centre and you will reach this spot. From this spot, you may also move to the Ledge Point as another fishing spot, which is just a 20-minute drive.

If you would like to do sand boarding or driving with your off-road bikes or 4WDs, then you better get to the Lancelin. You will surely find this spot good for fishing, wind surfing and boating.

There is more. Another swimming adventure is found in Mandurah. It really is a suburban setting, but that is not a reason not to enjoy swimming, fishing, boating and cruising. Anyway, if you would try to experience an old-fashioned style of holiday.


Just 2 hours to go north from Perth, you can find the Pinnacles. This is in the Nambung National Park 2. This is a good choice of place to bring your kids. Another park to visit is the Wellington National Park, which is also a good camping spot. You can get here a good view of the Wellington Dam.


Another good camping site is the Lane Pool Reserve, which is just along the river of Murray. This is also a way to go to the forest. So, you would surely enjoy having picnic in different spots here.

You may also go to Harvey for a camping experience. You can find this spot in the Darling Range and it would just take you an hour and 30 minutes from the southern part of Perth.

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