If you are a doctor and a patient came to deliver a baby, you have to think about saving both the lives of the mother and the baby. You have to practice your profession with enough courage and confidence. You have to make sure that your patient will receive the right treatment, medication and assistance.

As a doctor, you have to do your best and must make sure that you will not put the lives of your patient at risk. You are a life saver and that is what you must always keep in mind. You are dealing here with human beings, so you should consider their worth. Pretty sure that saving thousands of lives will make you feel happy and proud.

A doctor, who cannot perform his work is usually kicked off from that hospital and even loses his license. Of course, if you were a doctor, you would not like such thing happen to you. Aside from that, if you will fail to do the procedures correctly, then the hospital, where you are working will also lose their credibility. Always think about the million patients, who needs care.

What happened?

In August of 2009, Michelle Hoglin was rushed to the Bentley Hospital to deliver a baby. This hospital was under the management of the East Metropolitan Health Service. The doctor in-charged was named, Dr. Hamza Amira. According to the story, this doctor failed to perform a caesarean to deliver the 4.6 kg infant.

There were difficulties in performing the delivery. The doctor also failed in performing the instrumental delivery with care. This doctor attempted to extract Cooper using the instruments for multiple times, even if the head has not even descended.

Dr. Amira’s performance showed that she is not competent enough. She cannot practice her profession well. And because of this Cooper suffered from brain damage. During that time, baby Cooper suffered from a right collar bone fracture and run down of oxygen with flat lined heart rate, which requires him to receive resuscitation. Those incidents brought to Cooper’s impairment and affected his development.

What about the case?

Michelle Hoglin and her partner Chris Ellis sued the management for this failure. Judge Michael Gething and other lawyers, namely, Slater, Gordon and Karina Hafford strongly believed that because of Dr. Hamza Amira, Cooper suffered from impairments.

Because of this, the couple was rewarded with $5 million worth of reward for the damages done during the delivery in the Bentley Hospital. Aside from that, Cooper will also be given a long term support for his medical costs, carers and therapy. This is not only until he reaches the age of 18, but a lifetime support.

The couple had been fighting for this case for more than eight years now. Finally, their prayers were answered and they were given justice and a fair trial. It is a relief for the family knowing that Cooper’s treatment is financially secured. If only Dr. Hamza Amira practiced her profession well and have done the necessary procedures, then Cooper must have not suffered.

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