Car Detailing Services Offered in Perth

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Having a car is a big responsibility. It’s like having a baby. You need to know how to take care of it just like how you want to take care of your own baby. So, when you have one, you must know how to handle it with care. In such way, you can keep it for years.

Let’s say that you know how to drive that’s why you have a car. But, how much do you know about the interior and the exterior parts of your car? When something went wrong, how would you manage it? What I am trying to say is that you must have a scheduled maintenance to avoid trouble when driving it. No one knows this better than a Perth car hire company who owns a fleet of about 200 cars.

Some people do not mind about how much time they spend driving. They do not always care meeting slight accidents because they do have an insurance. But, you should know that you must be a responsible driver and car owner.

When detailing is needed

As a rightful owner of a car, you must perform a thorough and quality cleaning of your car. Through this, you will know if there is something that your automobile needs. Let’s say that after cleaning, you will find out that it needs to repair, change or upgrade parts. Therefore, we can say that car detailing is essential. So, we have here a list of services that car detailing companies offer.

  • Paint

We do not like scratches, dirt or grimes on the car’s surface. But, a reputable car detailing company has professionals in taking care of the paint of your automobile. They will clean it properly, apply necessary corrections and will protect the surface of the car to keep the paint and looks like a newly polished.

  • Chassis or the Wheels

This is an exterior part of the car, which needs cleaning, too. This will not only include the chassis, tires and wheels, but also the suspension and bottom car. It is a car detailing job to keep the tires from corrosions and cracks.

  • Lights

Polishing compounds are not only applied to the headlights and tail lights. These lights must be sealed properly after polishing.

  • Interior Detailing

It could have been better if we will not only clean the exterior part of the automobile. It would be great to clean the interior, too. As a part of the interior detailing service, the carpet, the surface of the seats and the trunk will be cleaned, too.

  • Engine Bay

It is also very important to clean this area. Through this service offered, the engine will be cleaned and greased. The components in your engine must be dressed properly to keep them from cracks. We all know that it is in the engine bay, where overheating problems arise. So, through this service, we can avoid overheating issues while driving, especially after a long driving hours.

Car detailing services do not actually collect much, but make sure that this is a company with experts. It could have been better if your car can come and meet a car detailing service regularly. Anyway, if you have a car, then you can enjoy driving more when it is cleaner.

Although not discussed in this article, there are some alternative car detailing services out there in Perth. For example steam cleaning as shown in video below:

The Sailor Moon Anniversary Celebration in Western Australia

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Are you an anime fanatic? If you are, then pretty sure that you know very well different series of animated cartoon series from Japan. How many manga anime series have you completed? Do you know Dragon Ball, Slam Dunk, Bleach, Naruto, Death Note, Fullmetal Alchemist, One Piece, Inuyasha and Sailor Moon? Who will not know these comic stories from Manga anyway? Pretty sure that you even have different collectible items of your favorite anime heroes. Anyway, that is normal for an anime or manga fanatic.

Do you know that these anime series from Japan had been playing for decades now? Some of these are just shown repeatedly and still cartoon lovers still watch them no matter how many times they were shown from their favorite anime television programs. That only shows that the spirit of anime runs in your blood. You have seen those cartoons in your early years and even when you grew older, you still keep on watching them. That is a real passion and there is nothing wrong with that. It is indeed amazing because you can watch cartoons with your younger siblings as well as with your kids, nephews and nieces.

Pretty Guardian Sailor Moon

Anyway, if you are from Perth and you really have a passion for manga or anime series, then you should not have missed the celebration of Sailor Moon. Do you know they are going to have a theatre musical show in Western Australia? Can you believe that this anime is celebrating their 25th anniversary? They started in 1993 and has ended in 2005. This is the reason why they are coming to different parts of the world to let every anime fanatic show that Sailor Moon is still alive. By the way, the show was held in Event Cinemas Morley at a very affordable entrance fee, which is just only $20.

Anyway, this is a musical show. This only means that the show is for all ages. In my opinion, this is a great opportunity for Sailor Moon fanatics to put on their costumes because this event in Perth is supported by Cosplay. As a Sailor Moon anime fanatic, pretty sure that you have your favorite Sailor character. It could have been better if you can dress up with your favorite heroes. This will surely be a night to remember in Western Australia.

The Pretty Guardian Sailor Moon Musical Show is performing with various artists. Hotaru Nomoto will play as Sailor Moon, Yume Takeuchi will play as Sailor Mercury, Karen Kobayashi will play as Sailor Mars, Kaede will play as Sailor Jupiter, RimoHasegawa will play as Sailor Venus, Yuuga Yamato will play as Tuxedo Mask and then, Coco Isuzu will play as Sailor Galaxia.

Can you see how lucky these fanatics from Perth because they can have the chance to witness the screening at Morley and Innaloo cinemas. That was just for a night, so if you guys missed it, then you have to find and catch them in Japan if they have not returned yet to whatever planet they came from.

A perfect weekend getaway in Perth

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There are a lot of beautiful spots in Perth that you would surely want to visit on your weekend getaway. Weekdays are for your working days, so why not give yourself time to relax on weekends? This is actually a great way to spend quality time with your family, friends and loved ones.

If you are just living and working in Perth, then you do not need to go out of the country just to have fun. All you need to do is to choose a place and think about what activities you would like to do on the weekend. If you would like to have swimming, then go to the nearest beach. If you would like to have a camping with bonfire, experience fresh air and fishing, then better go to the countryside, where you can find mountains, hills and lakes. What if you would like to go to a quiet place to find peace of mind, then you must choose monasteries. Aside from that, you may also relax on cruise ships.

There is actually a lot of places to visit around Perth. You can always get a bus, train, ship, boat or drive your own automobiles. So, if you are interested to have a good time this weekend, then you better check out our suggestions.


Swimming and Kayaking are great ways to spend time with the young and old. This is also a good spot for those who would like to go fishing. So, if this is your plan, then you may go to the Guilderton or Moore River. It will just take you an hour drive from the city centre and you will reach this spot. From this spot, you may also move to the Ledge Point as another fishing spot, which is just a 20-minute drive.

If you would like to do sand boarding or driving with your off-road bikes or 4WDs, then you better get to the Lancelin. You will surely find this spot good for fishing, wind surfing and boating.

There is more. Another swimming adventure is found in Mandurah. It really is a suburban setting, but that is not a reason not to enjoy swimming, fishing, boating and cruising. Anyway, if you would try to experience an old-fashioned style of holiday.


Just 2 hours to go north from Perth, you can find the Pinnacles. This is in the Nambung National Park 2. This is a good choice of place to bring your kids. Another park to visit is the Wellington National Park, which is also a good camping spot. You can get here a good view of the Wellington Dam.


Another good camping site is the Lane Pool Reserve, which is just along the river of Murray. This is also a way to go to the forest. So, you would surely enjoy having picnic in different spots here.

You may also go to Harvey for a camping experience. You can find this spot in the Darling Range and it would just take you an hour and 30 minutes from the southern part of Perth.

The Astrofest Celebration in Perth

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What festivals or events do you celebrate every year? Pretty sure that you have a lot to celebrate. There are even those who celebrate relationships every month. So, I doubt it if you do not have one. Anyway, the usual celebrations we have are our birthdays. Aside from that, we have annual celebrations held every year. Most of these events are celebrated by organizations, groups, clubs, schools and various enthusiasts.

If you are coming to Perth, you would surely like to participate in different events. The past few days, they had events, such as the Night Noodle Markets and the Bike Week. How about today? Do you think we have something to celebrate in Perth? If you are not aware about what will happen in Perth today, then you should know that they have the yearly celebration of the Astrofest.

The Astrofest 2018

Do you know that one of the events that will be held in Perth today, 24th of March is the Astrofest, which has something to do with Astronomy? The Astrofest is hosted by the Astronomy WA, Earthside Astronomy, Perth Observatory and the ICRAR. If you are interested to come and join the celebration, then feel free to come to the Curtain Stadium, which is in Curtin University. The event will start around 5:30 pm and it will end at 9pm. This is a good place to visit, especially if you have not planned yet about what to do this Saturday evening.

The said event will be having an observatory. So, they will have different telescopes, such as a radio telescope as well as an optical telescope for everybody. If you love space, looking at the stars and if you appreciate the beauty of the universe at night, then this is a great opportunity for you to gaze into those stars. Remember that this event happens only once in a year. So, if I were you, I will make sure not to miss the event. Pretty sure that those who cannot come will regret for not coming because they will need to wait again till next year’s celebration.

Aside from viewing the space. There will also be learning activities as well as other engaging activities. This is a good thing for young and old, especially if they are interested in learning more about the space and astronomy.

Another thing that will surely make you feel excited is the picnic. So, before coming to the event, you better prepare your basket and fill it with a snack or dinner. There will be an open space for everybody to have a picnic. This is a great bonding time with the whole family. Isn’t it fun to have this kind of event in Perth? Pretty sure that many parents appreciate this kind of event so much.

By the way, this event is open to everybody. You may bring the whole family here without any entrance fees collected. Isn’t it great to have such free entrance fees? It could have been better if many families and friends can come to this event just to relax and enjoy the night. So, if you are coming, then we will see you all around.

Menu in Perth’s Night Noodle Markets

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Do you love eating delicious and nutritious foods in Perth? If you do, then there is no need to think about other plans at night. Do you know that Asian delicacies from Thailand, Korea, Japan, Malaysia and the Philippines are coming to Perth? This would surely make you feel like you are in these countries. And then, after having a taste of those delicious meals, you will surely would love to have these Asian delicacies again. After that, your only option left is to visit these countries or even beg someone find them. That would be a very desperate move. But, that is what food can do.

This year’s Night Noodle Markets venue is located at Elizabeth Quay. It started last 16th of March and it will end on the 25th. If you will miss this Asian food craze, then you have to wait till the next visit, which is next year. The Night Noodle Markets is open from Monday to Wednesday from 5pm to 9pm, on Thursday and Friday from 5pm to 10pm, on Saturdays at 4pm to 10pm and on Sundays at 4pm to 9pm. Please keep in mind that the entry is free, so if someone will collect a fee for entrance, then do not give them money. By the way, if you have a dog, then feel free to bring them if you can’t leave them home because dogs are welcome to the place.

We have the Aunty Tomsus’ Cheesecake, I think I’m turning Sesame, Kamikaze Ketsu and O-No-Giri from the Gelato Messina.

We have the Cone-nichiwa’s Wagyu dreamin’ cheese, Pork kissed yuzu and Tropical mango panic from the Modern Eatery.

We have the Salmon Poke, Spicy Tuna Bowl and the Tofu Bowl from the Ahi Poke.

We have the Strawberry watermelon cake, raspberry lychee cake, S’mores Parfait, Halo Halo and Strawberry watermelon soft serve from the Black Star Pastry.

We have the Maple roasted cauliflower Bao, Coca-Cola Pork bao, Texas Beef Brisket Bao, BBQ Chiken Bao, Bao Wow Teriyaki chicken and Popcorn chicken from the Bao Wow.

We have the Chicken adobo fries, Boneless Cebu Lechon, Inihaw na Baboy, Inihaw na manok and Kanin from the Hoy Pinoy.

We have Charcoal Grill Satay, Murtabak, Hot snack pack, Coconut Rice & Rendang and Coconut Rice & Chicken curry from Bunga Raya Satay.

We have the Fried Japanese Gyoza, Donburi beef or chicken and Osaka noodles from the Donburi Station.

We have Chichi fries and Trio of Korean bbq tacos from the Poklol.

We have the KFC cheese puffle and Bulgogi & Philly cheese steak cheese puffle from the Puffle.

We have curry chicken noodle, Roti Chanai with curry chicken, San Choi Bow and Pork & Prawn dumpling from the Sambal Kampung.

We have Chicken satay roti roll, chicken pad see ew, crackling pork noodle pad thai chicken and vegetable spring rolls from the Shallot Thai.

We have Black Panda, Lucky Fortune, Bangkok night, Dancing dragon and Cheeky Monkey from the Waffleland.

We have the Gyoza, Takoyaki and Okonomiyaki from Ninja Cuisine.

We also have other foods from the Gyoza Joint, Bangkok Jump Street, Miss Chow’s, Saigon Eats, Teppanyaki Noodles, original Korean Twist Potato, Dancing Noodles, Banana Leaf, The Urban Bowl and Sesames Kitchen.

A couple from Perth and their $5 million reward

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If you are a doctor and a patient came to deliver a baby, you have to think about saving both the lives of the mother and the baby. You have to practice your profession with enough courage and confidence. You have to make sure that your patient will receive the right treatment, medication and assistance.

As a doctor, you have to do your best and must make sure that you will not put the lives of your patient at risk. You are a life saver and that is what you must always keep in mind. You are dealing here with human beings, so you should consider their worth. Pretty sure that saving thousands of lives will make you feel happy and proud.

A doctor, who cannot perform his work is usually kicked off from that hospital and even loses his license. Of course, if you were a doctor, you would not like such thing happen to you. Aside from that, if you will fail to do the procedures correctly, then the hospital, where you are working will also lose their credibility. Always think about the million patients, who needs care.

What happened?

In August of 2009, Michelle Hoglin was rushed to the Bentley Hospital to deliver a baby. This hospital was under the management of the East Metropolitan Health Service. The doctor in-charged was named, Dr. Hamza Amira. According to the story, this doctor failed to perform a caesarean to deliver the 4.6 kg infant.

There were difficulties in performing the delivery. The doctor also failed in performing the instrumental delivery with care. This doctor attempted to extract Cooper using the instruments for multiple times, even if the head has not even descended.

Dr. Amira’s performance showed that she is not competent enough. She cannot practice her profession well. And because of this Cooper suffered from brain damage. During that time, baby Cooper suffered from a right collar bone fracture and run down of oxygen with flat lined heart rate, which requires him to receive resuscitation. Those incidents brought to Cooper’s impairment and affected his development.

What about the case?

Michelle Hoglin and her partner Chris Ellis sued the management for this failure. Judge Michael Gething and other lawyers, namely, Slater, Gordon and Karina Hafford strongly believed that because of Dr. Hamza Amira, Cooper suffered from impairments.

Because of this, the couple was rewarded with $5 million worth of reward for the damages done during the delivery in the Bentley Hospital. Aside from that, Cooper will also be given a long term support for his medical costs, carers and therapy. This is not only until he reaches the age of 18, but a lifetime support.

The couple had been fighting for this case for more than eight years now. Finally, their prayers were answered and they were given justice and a fair trial. It is a relief for the family knowing that Cooper’s treatment is financially secured. If only Dr. Hamza Amira practiced her profession well and have done the necessary procedures, then Cooper must have not suffered.

Destructing Phone Causing Road Crash

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Accidents may happen on the road and it comes when you least expect it. Is there a way to avoid car accidents on the road? Sometimes, no matter how careful we, still we can’t avoid car accidents to happen. That is why we must not do anything that will distract us from driving. We have to give our 100% attention on the road if we care about our lives and lives of other people.

Going back to the scenario

Last August 24th of 2016, Aine McGrath of Perth was accused of a case that she never really expected to happen and that is dangerous driving resulting in a car crash causing death. That night Aine was driving along Mitchell Freeway. The passenger side of Aine’s car slammed and that killed Sarah Kelly, who was a friend and a colleague of Aine at a hairdressing salon in East Victoria Park.

According to Aine, she was driving while sending text messages to the boyfriend. They have plans of going out that night so while on the road, she was exchanging text messages for about 10 minutes. She even said that the last message coming from the boyfriend was not even seen because the car crash happened.

They were in the fourth lane and during that time a car moved to the same lane coming from the fifth lane. Aine also said that she can even hear Sarah screaming with tears shouting her name. Aine tried to avoid hitting the barriers and jeep in front. So, she swerved to the left crossing four lanes and that’s when the ute crashed into the car.

How’s the case?

This case is still on trial. According to Aine, when she was still texting, her left hand is holding the phone while she was using her right hand on the steering wheel. She also said that before the accident happened, her phone is on the car’s center console.

Aine claimed that she do not really use her phone while driving because she knew that it is dangerous. But, during that night she just did. She also said that the accident happened because of the jeep, who moved at the same time. And that this car is slowly moving. Prosecutor Anthony Eyers is still cross-examining the case. We are still waiting for the trial and the judge’s final say on this case.

With this kind of accident, it is not that easy to make a judgement. But, we can clearly say that Aine McGrath was distracted by the text messages and meeting his boyfriend. If the jeep is slowly moving, why did she not make signs that she will move too, knowing that she can drive a bit faster than the slow jeep, so that the jeep can give way and let her go first?

In my own opinion, it is not her fault that Sarah died. She died because of the ute crashing the car. Aine tried to make a way not to hit another car and the barriers. It means that she does not want such accident to happen to her and Sarah.